How To Create Your Brand And Your Identity

It is the brand that attracts the customer at first sight! No matter how path breaking your business proposition or the ultimate offering is, if it lacks an equally path breaking brand, then the idea will be lost in the clutter of many such ideas that came and collapsed. New business owners, hence, must always pay attention to this seemingly small yet extremely important aspect of a business.

Here is all you ever wanted to know about to you brand your business:

1.Defining a Brand Identity
New business owners need to understand that the brand identity that they create will remain with them for a very very long time. This will be the language in which the brand positioning will be subsequently based on. Customers will be roped in and the advertising methods and advertisements will also revolve around strengthening the core proposition that the brand stands for. Hence, beginning from the aesthetic appeal of the logo, the way it looks, the fonts that are used, the colors that are used, to the message that the logo conveys, and the message itself, everything has to be paid attention to.

2.Creating a Value Proposition/Mission
While some business owners really create an extremely aesthetically appealing brand logo, they are unable to bring forth the message or the proposition that the brand wishes to convey. In such cases, while designing the logo or the brand name, go with your gut feeling coupled with market research and pilots conducted on a sample target group. Taking an amalgamation of all these, create what suits your business best.

Add a tag line or a snippet of your mission statement with the brand to make it even more appealing and interesting. The mantra here is to avoid boisterous statements like We are the best-in-class or better-than-the-rest, and instead focus on conveying the essence of your business. For products and services, you could build a statement around the USP of the product or the aspiration of your company as an employer, your marketing principle etc.

3.Well Researched Name
After the mission has been decided, start thinking about the name of your brand. While you may have already thought about some names in the process of creating the business/brand, all you need to do now is to finalize it. Take help from your friends or family members in the early stages of brainstorming as they would understand your passion and will truly be able to provide you with value adding inputs. Additionally, you can also take help of a market research company to find what suits your business best and validate it by means of a survey or research.

Be alert and aware that many companies have changed their name as the brand evolved. For instance, Google's initial name was BackRub until they decided to change it. Try and avoid pitfall this as it take a lot of time, effort and resources to create a brand name in the first place, and changing it would mean starting the process from scratch again. Once you have finalized the names, run them on the Secretary of State's corporations database to see if the name is available for you or if it has been already taken by someone. You could also search the domain name on a search engine to check its availability.

4.Designing the Logo
This is the tough part of creating a brand identity. While you may have some ideas floating around in your head with respect to the kind of design you want, it is worthwhile to engage a professional for the task. Depending on your need, you could go in for freelancers or tap websites like and to help you with the design.

If you are completely blank about the logo, then engage a graphic designer who will provide you with options and take you through the entire process of designing the logo for you with a unique value proposition.

Points to Remember:

While going through the process of creating your brand identity, keep in mind these essential points:
At the end of the process, the brand's mission and value proposition must be clear.
The brand name should be attractive and the logo should be complete and ready to use in a number of formats.
Ensure that high resolution images of your logo are provided to you by whoever creates the logo. The images should include jpg, png and eps at the least, if not more.
Make sure you have the logos in black and white, full color, only in white and with/without taglines to be used in whichever format you want.
Keep the colors and fonts on your system/server to be able to make minor changes whenever needed.
Ensure that all employees throughout the organization use the designated logo in the proper manner, as it is supposed to be.
Use your logo across your visibility channels like cards, brochures, websites, marketing materials, advertisements, business cards etc.

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Parana Impact is of the leading database marketing, data intelligence and digital marketing service provider. We provide most advanced data intelligence services for healthcare and technology companies.