6 Ways To Target The Right Audience!

Marketing is not just about creating a swashbuckling concept and reveling in its 'theoretical' glory. The real glory is when this concept reaches out to the right people and is delivered in the way it was originally conceived to be. For this to happen effectively, you have to look at your contact lists and analyze if you are targeting the correct profile of the customers. If yes, then all you really need to do is focus on keeping these contact lists updated. If not, then you are on the first step of making your marketing campaign successful and you need to work on getting your contact list ready.

1.Understand Your Ideal Customer

The easiest way to understand your customer is to study your past customer base and draw patterns out of this. Then, compare these patterns with your existing customer base and if you see a trend or a similar type of customer profile emerging out, then this is what your ideal customer looks like. You will need to further intensify the process to assess whether or not this customer base fits in your future strategy, and keeping all these points in consideration, you can create your list of prospective buyers.

2.Get The Right Person!

An important aspect of B2B selling which can be missed out is the person you are getting in touch with. The excitement of getting a window to interact with your prospective buyer sometimes can overpower the fact that whether or not this is actually the person who has the authority to pull through this business deal. You always need to remember that getting the right person if it takes a little bit of more time than otherwise has higher importance than just getting in contact with any person in the organization. There are professional databases and contact lists available and if you get your ideal customer, then buying contact lists is the best way to get accurate roles, titles, rank, division and other qualifiers of the organizations you are looking to target.

3. Choose Your Mediums of Communication Wisely

With the advent of new platforms like social media, blogs and professional networks, there is so much more to choose from rather than just emails. However, looking at your customer profiles, you will have to create different campaigns to reach to them through different platforms. One thing that should remain constant is that the message should be the same and it should always aim at increasing the awareness of your brand rather than just purely being a sales pitch.

Exploring methods which aid in having a conversation with the customer always have higher chances of conversion but not at the cost of being too clingy. Using the help of influencers on social media also helps in conversions and can be definitely attempted. However, all the methods employed must work as a means to reach to the customer wherein you can have a conversation with him and address his concerns while providing your product/service as a solution to his problems, wherever relevant.

4.Explore New Avenues of Getting Customers

The obvious route is taken by everyone like being heard in your own professional community like your past and existing clients, vendors, other people of your network like friends, colleagues etc. You need to move beyond this and explore opportunities that can offer you more customers which are suited to your business. Using referrals as a method for this can be explores. You can also use webinars and seminars to get participation from interested customers and later pursue them to understand their needs.

5.Check the Credibility of Your Vendor

If you decide to buy contact lists through vendors or information broker, then it becomes your prerogative to check whether or not his lists are updated and the data quality is up to the mark. Frequent up gradations, low bounce rate of emails and such are the indicators of a good quality contact list. Check for these before you go in for the purchase.

h1>6.Maintain Your Data Hygiene

As important it is to get a good contact list, equally important is to maintain the hygiene of your data and keep it clean. You could do it in-house as well as check with your data partner to do it for you at pre-decided intervals.

Remember better the quality of your contact lists, better will be your output. So, take up this task on priority and see the difference it makes to your business.

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Parana Impact is of the leading database marketing, data intelligence and digital marketing service provider. We provide most advanced data intelligence services for healthcare and technology companies.